What is A+ Certification?
A+ Certified Technicians are recognized industry-wide for a standard level of competence in the servicing and support of PCs and PC peripherals.  You are required to pass two computer-delivered tests.  One covers hardware such as PCs, monitors, printers , and modems.  The second test covers the DOS/Windows operating systems.  Students are prepared and encouraged to take their exams immediately following each course module.  Developed by CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association), a nationwide association whose mission is to foster high levels of professionalism, competence and business ethics in the computer industry.

Why do I need it?
Many businesses require A+ Certification as a prerequisite to hiring.  Other companies require new employees to attain the A+ Certification within 90 days to continue employment.  Many hardware vendors will only allow A+ Certified Technicians to perform warranty service.  Note that A+ Certification is the highly recommended prerequisite for the MCSE Certification and is also the perfect primer for the demands of Novel CNE.

The sponsors of CompTIA and the A+ Certification Program include: 
Apple Computer, AT & T, Compaq, CompUSA, Epson America, Hays Microcomputer, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Tandy/Computer City, Toshiba, US Robotics, Wang, and Zenith Data Systems.

Program Benefits:

Payment Options

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