CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is an information technology certification that is in high demand at this time.  The CCNA configures, installs, maintains and administers CISCO routers.  CISCO routers allow wide area networks (WANs) to communicate with one another.  Due to the robust economy here in the United States, the incidents of mergers and acquisitions and the explosion of e-commerce on the internet has created significant demand for CISCO professionals.

This program assumes the student will have a good working knowledge of networking concepts, IP and IPX networking concepts and previous experience in the information technology industry.  Recommended prerequisites are MCP + I, MCSE, or at a minimum A+ and Network+.

An individual that holds the CCNA certification can expect to start at between $50-$60,000 annually depending upon previous experience.

The CCNA consists of one module:

640-801  Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Among the topics covered in the course are:

Payment Options

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