Congratulations to Sean Carmen our youngest ever A+, MCP & MCSE (17 years old).

"I would recommend this to anybody.  I joined CLC with NO past experience and a few months later I am a MCSE.  The people are nice, the facility is state of the art and the instructors are the best of all"

Sean Carmen


What our graduates say about us

"I Started my A+, Network+ and MCSE track at CLC with no past experience in computer repair and being from France, a language barrier (problem). But with the patience of the whole staff who always go the extra mile for you, I finally got my A+, Network+ and MCSE degrees. CLC, the way to go."

Jules F.

"I started MCSE 5 months ago without any experience.  Having a good teacher and studying on your own will make a huge difference.  The school is awesome, state of the art and the staff is going the extra mile for you.  I will be back for the CCNA course.  Good luck and never give up."

Adrian D.P

"CLC is very affordable and staffed with knowledgeable instructors.  I highly recommend to anyone with an interest in the field. "The Computer Learning Center has a relaxed atmosphere where the instructors talk with you, not at you."  

Charlie S.

"I started my track six months ago and fell ill after two months of classes.  I was absent for two months.  CLC was wonderful at working with me to get me caught up and into another session.  I am on my way to becoming a MCSE"

Rick B.


Jules F. Maggie G, Rickie B, Jill R, Raymond H, Rick E, Fidel F, Jansen C, Darryl N, Charles A, Anthony D, Eric J, Lenny F, Azad A, Kevin N, Matt H, Robert C, Marlon L, Istvan I, Chris A, Stuart B, Joseph U, Anthony H, Alex C, Rickey B, Sean C, Steven V, Fadael F, Doyle M, Maria M,  Dan I, Melissa L, Allison G, Robert B, Brian B, Everard S, Kenny H Jr, Matthew T, David R, Gordon M, Randall R, David K, Craig C, Raymond V,  Jim B, Karl R, Joseph M, Aldo B, Jude K, and Tobin S, 


Jules. F, Chris A, Joseph U, Maria M, Fadael F, Steven V, John C, Gerald K, Victoria Z, Ray H, Robert B, Hal N, Sean C, Everard S, Kenny H Jr, Matthew T, David R, Gordon M, Randall R, Prem M, Craig C, Raymond V, Kelvin B, David K, Chris W, Jim H,  Suzanne S., Jim H, Shawn S, and Steve L.


Jules. F, Sean C, Raymond H, Hal N, Robert B,  Maria M, Randall R, Craig C,  Suzanne S, David R, Chris W, Jim H, Bruce P. and Ron Y. 


Mitchell S, David M, Suzanne S, and James R.







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