Payment Options

The most inexpensive way to take any of our courses is to pay for the courses in advance.  The Center can accept all major credit cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and any of the Novus brand cards and of course company or personal checks, travelers checks or cash.

For students that would prefer to finance the course(s), the Center offers student loans for these courses. Further down on this page you will find a link to SLM Financial, where you can apply for student loans.   Loans can be structured for 2 years to 15 years.  There are no prepayment penalties for these loans.

It should be noted that students with less than perfect credit history can usually get approved easily with a co-signer

How to apply: Click on the SLM Financial link shown below. 

1) Loan amount is the cost of the program. (You have the option to add the exam fees to the loan amount.)
Example: 5 Certification package = $1372, A+ = $290 and Network+ = $207, MCSE = $875.

2) Course dates: When applying, use the date you are applying as the course start date, if you use the actual course start date, your loan will not be funded until that time and as a result you are not enrolled. Please see the course page for start dates. Graduation and end date are the same, which is 6 months from the start date for the savings package, 6 weeks for A+, 4 weeks for Net+, 4 months for MCSE, 3 months for Medical.

3) Please note that when you enter a dollar amount do not put a decimal or zeros at the end.

To apply online now, visit SLM  Financial (Minimum loan amount $1,000), then follow the instructions.

Credit problems in the past?
Please contact the center for other loan options.
Guaranteed student loans
available at the center.
The only requirements are, that you have a job, and can make a down payment of $300 to $1000, (varies with each course).
Same day approval and enrollment.

Unfortunately, because these courses are intense and of relatively short duration, Title IV funding (financial aid) is not available.

If after a review of the site and/or conversations with the Center, you are now ready to enroll please email us for an enrollment agreement.

Accepted Credit Card Logos

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