Medical Billing and Coding


Classroom Program

Course Cost: $2295.00

Schedule: Wednesday evenings 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM  & every other Saturday, 9AM to 5PM for 12 Weeks. 

Classes begin Feb. 25th, 2009 

On-line Program

Course Cost: $1195.00

Schedule: Start at any time, go at your own pace, you have one year to complete the course. You have 24/7 access to your program so you can study when it's right for you. If you spend 5 hours a week on your studies, you will finish in 6 months, spend 10 hours a week and you are done in 3 months. Anyone doing the on-line training has the option to join the classroom program at any time simply by paying the difference and joining the next class.

Payment Options - Apply for your student loan now.

For those students that do not want a student loan, you may take advantage of our extended payment plan, see below for details:

Extended Payment Plan: Get started with only $500.00

Students who do not wish to take out a loan may want to take advantage of our payment plan, which consists of  three payments as follows: First payment of $500.00,  USD, Second payment of $400.00, USD and a third payment of 400.00 USD.  Materials will be shipped as payments are received.  First; Medical Terminology, second; Step-BY-Step Coding, third; Patient to Payment (billing).  You will note that by taking the payment plan, the cost of the course increases by $105 US Dollars, this is to cover additional shipping and administration.


Course Description:

Welcome to the Medical Field, a strong, growing and stable career for anyone! For only $2295.00 and nine weeks of study, ($1195.00 for On-line) you will be on your way to your new career.

Our program is a Terminology, Billing and Coding course and is a great way to start a new entry-level career in the medical field. There are currently lots of Billing & Coding jobs that are going un-filled, so you have picked a great time to get into the industry.  What this course will give you is a solid foundation of skills and basic knowledge to go forward and gain experience in the real world. All courses depend on the student being motivated and willing to complete the course exercises as outlined, so if you have the desire and you do the work, you will be a success. Our course will allow you to get the training you desire AND will prepare you for the national certification exam.  While certification is not required for some positions, we strongly recommend that each student take and pass the AHIMA certification exam. If you want to work in a Hospital, you will have to be certified.

A recent salary survey of Professional Coders by the AAPC (American Academy for Professional Coders) shows that an average salary for a coder with only a high school diploma is just over $34,000/yr. Those who were certified or held a greater education level earned more depending upon the geographic location. Anyone starting their own coding services business will have unlimited earning potential.

There are a variety of ways to get the training you need to begin your career or establish your home-based business. Colleges, and consulting companies all offer different means of getting the training you need. The cost and time to get trained through a college or consulting company is often five or six times that of our training. Colleges and consultants do not offer the flexible hours that we provide. And, if you go through a college course that takes a year or two and you spend $15,000.00 to $30,000.00, when you graduate, you will be interviewing for the same $34,000.00 a year job that our graduates are interviewing for.

Every service provided by a doctor or hospital (test, injection, surgical procedure etc) has been given an identifying code. These codes allow companies who pay medical claims (health insurance companies, HMOs, Medicare, Medicaid etc) to easily identify a patient’s diagnosis and treatment and pay for appropriate services. This service is very much in demand and is today’s HOT industry. Any coding training first requires an education in medical terminology. Our course in Medical terminology, billing and coding could be your start in working for a hospital or HMO or even joining the ranks of the largest home-based industry in the US. Medical billing & coding offers real pay for real work and with this course you will learn the basics of medical terminology, coding and billing. Again, you may wish to take the certification exam. Doing this will improve your employment prospects over the long term and increase potential salary.

Our certification preparation course offers high quality, focused training. The course is developed and overseen by a Medical Doctor at a fraction of the cost of other methods and companies. This course is designed to get you into the workforce as quickly as possible.

Credentials from the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) such as Certified Coding Associate (CCA) may be achieved by sitting for their exam. No school can provide this certification. Designation as a CCA can only be achieved by national testing. We believe this is important because it establishes you among the ranks of certified professionals in this field.

While no one can guarantee certification exam results, we are confident that with effort on your part and full utilization of our courseware you can pass the certification exams. Our training is focused toward certification.

Medical coding and billing specialists have more options than many other professional occupations. You can choose where and when to work, within reasonable limits. You may eventually choose to work from home, in a hospital or for a medical billing service. You may also work for an insurance company, HMO or for a physician practice. If you want a challenging, interesting career where you will be compensated according to your level of skills and how effectively you use them, then this may be the right course for you. Remember, you are  investing in your future!

Included With Your On-line Course  

1.      The "Medical Terminology, Language For Health Care" textbook.

2.    The “Step-By-Step Medical Coding Textbook”.

3.      The "Step-By-Step Student workbook”.

4.      The “From Patient To Payment Textbook”

5.      The “Current Procedural Terminology” Standard Edition 2009 from the American Medical Association.

6.      The “International Classification of Diseases” 9th Revision (Hospital ICD-9-CM) from the American Medical Association.

7.      A list of helpful and necessary links to websites.

8.      A CD ROM of a PowerPoint presentation on medical terminology.

9.      Login and password for the “New-Med-Career Evolve” online classroom (this is where you receive instruction throughout your course and to take your quizzes and exams.

10.      An evaluation copy of Medisoft, a very popular computer application in use within the medical industry.

11. Access to Alpha II iCoder.


Medical Course Content:

Listed below are the main topics that will be covered in your training.

Medical Course Content 

Medical Claims Billing

Practice Management  

Medisoft Software

Electronic Billing

Insurance Terminology Coding

Setting up your own Medical Billing office

Your duties as a medical billing specialist,

Understanding Office Forms,

Understanding and correctly completing the HCFA 1500

Understanding CPT, ICD-9, and HCPCS Codes

The Life Cycle of an Insurance Claim

Insurance Carriers and Terminology

How to correctly use Abbreviations, Numbers, Symbols & Special terms

Handling Insurance Claims

How Insurance Works

Legal Issues

Working with Doctors- A day in the medical office

Working with Practice Management Software

HMOs, PPOs, and other Managed Care

Special Insurance Situations

Word Parts

Root Words



Dividing Medical Terms

Combining Medical Terms

Listening Skills

Forming Plurals

Proper Names And Acronyms

Abbreviations And Numbers

Medical Capitalization

Medical Punctuation

Listening Skills - Opposites

Listening Skills - Sound a-likes

An Overview Of Human Body

Anatomy Location Parts Of The Body

Anatomy - Landmarks And Divisions

Anatomy - Body Cavities

Organization Of The Body


Disease Processes I

Disease Processes II

Using References

Medical Reports I

Medical Reports II

Professional Tools

Integumentary System

Musculoskeletal System

Neurological Systems

Cardiovascular System

Immune System

Respiratory System

Gastrointestinal System

Genitourinary System

Reproductive System

Endocrine System



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).

Q: What exactly is medical coding?

A: Every service provided by a doctor or hospital (test, injection, surgical procedure) has been given an identifying code. These codes allow companies who pay medical claims (health insurance companies, HMOs, Medicare, Medicaid) to easily identify a patient’s diagnosis and treatment and pay for appropriate services. The codes have two names, CPT (Current Procedural Terminology 2008) and ICD9 (International Category of Diseases version 9). 

Q: What kind of training does medical coding require?

A: Any coding training first requires an education in medical terminology. After learning the terminology, students begin to study medical coding. Until recently, the only way to receive this training was to attend two- or four-year colleges and earn a degree, or take expensive training from consultants. Our training is flexible; the course is designed with working people in mind. You attend live classes with a live instructor, in real time. (with on-line training, you have 24/7 access to your program). This flexibility allows you to learn quickly and with confidence. We can provide the highest quality education available at a cost much lower than other training options.

Q: Do Coders have to be certified in some way?

A: Some organizations require certification to ensure the quality of job applicants. National associations administer certification exams and cost a few hundred dollars. These organizations are identified below:

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)

Certification: Certified Coding Associate (CCA)

Note: This is the certification exam you will be qualified to sit for immediately upon graduation.

Tel: (312)-233-1100

Exam Cost $250. 

The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) http://

Certification: Certified Professional Coder (CPC)  

Note: This certification requires two years experience as a coder, this exam will be taken after you have been in the business for one year. (Our course counts as one year of experience.)

Tel: (800)-626-CODE (2633)

Exam Cost: $285.  

Q: Who employs Medical Billing & Coding Specialists?

Medical Billing & Coding Specialists are employed by hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), mental health care facilities, nursing homes, insurance companies, consulting firms, health data organizations and information system vendors. It is also the largest home-based industry in the US. The more education you have, the more employment options will be available to you.  

Q: What type of curriculum (books, materials etc.) is used?

The curriculum was developed three years ago and includes excerpts from several different textbooks and is revised on a regular basis. With the on-line course you will receive a copy of the current ICD-9 and CPT, you will need these to take your national exam.

Q. Is the training approved/licensed by any organization?

Meets industry standards put forth by the AAPC and AHIMA.

Q. Upon graduation am I ready to go to work?

The answer is a resounding YES. After passing the national examination, the student is prepared to enter the workforce immediately.

Q. Can I also take the national exam for Transcriptionist?

The answer is YES.  However, it is recommended that the individual gain experience for a year or more before attempting to pass the transcription exam. You will also need to study terminology in greater detail as there is more of that subject on the exam.

Q. What is required to take this course?

You are required to have a High School Diploma or Educational equivalent, (GED).

Q. If I take the On-line course, how quickly will I receive the material.

You should allow two to three weeks for delivery.

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